37-72 of 143 cards where the description includes “draw”

Fount of Power
Gift of the Hearthblood
Glimpse Beyond
Golden Ambassador
Grave Physician
Guiding Touch
Hatched Egg
Heimerdinger's Progress Day!
Hexcore Foundry
Hexite Crystal
Hextech Anomaly
Hidden Pathways
Insider Knowledge
Insightful Investigator
Jae Medarda
Justice Rider
Ki Guardian
King Jarvan III
Kinkou's Call
Living Library
Loaded Vessel
Lost Riches
Lure of the Depths
Most Wanted
Murkwolf Rager
Mystic Vortex
Norra's Portalpalooza
Out Of The Way
Pale Cascade
Parts Made Whole
Path of Discovery
Patrol Wardens