1-36 of 361 cards where the set code is “Set5”

Abyssal Guard
Acceleration Gate
Advanced Intel
Against the Odds
Ahri's Charm
Albus Ferros
Aloof Travelers
Ancient Warmonger
Arena Kingpin
Arena Mechacaster
Arena Promoter
Assembly Line
Assistant Librarian
Ava Achiever
Avatar of the Tides
Babbling Balladeers
Bandle City Mayor
Bandle Commando
Bandle Gunners
Bandle Painter
Bass of Burden
Battle Bonds
Bear Stance
Beguiling Blossom
Best Buddies
Best Pals
Bilgerat Rascal
Bitsy Lizard
Blastcone Seedling
Blastcone Seedling
Blastcone Seedling
Blinded Mystic