37-72 of 224 cards where the rarity is epic

Cithria the Bold
Commander Ledros
Concurrent Timelines
Consult the Heavens
Corina, Mastermind
Corina Veraza
Curious Shellfolk
Cygnus the Moonstalker
Dess & Ada
Destiny's Call
Devourer of the Depths
Dragon Roost
Dragon's Rage
Draklorn Inquisitor
Eclectic Collection
Emperor's Divide
Encroaching Shadows
Eternal Dancers
Evershade Stalker
Evil Imperfectionist
Eye of the Dragon
Feel The Rush
Field Musicians
Fireth, Reaper of the Sands
Fleet Admiral Shelly
For The Fallen
Frozen in Fear
Genevieve Elmheart
Gift of the Hearthblood
Give It All
Glorious Evolution
Go Get It
Go Hard