TypeChampion Unit

Attack: I deal 2 to my blocker. If it's dead or gone, I deal 2 to the enemy Nexus instead.

Level Up

I've seen you play 6+ Fast spells, Slow spells, or Skills. When I level up, create Tibbers in hand.

Flavor Text
Over a decade ago, Amoline Kiosar fled the Ravenbloom Conservatory with an invaluable and incandescent asset in her control. Ravenbloom's scouts searched for her in every corner of the empire, but none of the rumors they heard led them to Amoline. And so, years later, when news arrived of a lost girl burning with rage in the northern Ironspike Mountains, Fynn Retrick reluctantly gathered his things and left to investigate. He expected to find nothing. How wrong he was.
Molten Shield
Annie's Disintegrate