Attunement is an advanced search engine for the ​Legends of Runeterra card game

Mystic Vortex
Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin


Searching by name

You can search for cards by name with “name:” or by simply entering the words you want to find. By default, each word will be treated as a separate search token. Enclosing the string in quotes will cause it to be treated as a single token.

Searching by region

Use “region:” or “r:” to search by region. You can use the full name of the region or various short forms, such as the official 2-character codes (BW, DE, FR, IO, MT, NX, PZ, SI) or other abbreviated versions (“Targon”, “P&Z”, “Isles”).

Searching by keyword

Use “keyword:”, “kw:”, or “k:” to search for cards with specific keywords. This will include cards printed with the keyword, but won’t find cards that only mention that keyword in their descriptions.

Searching by description

Use “description:”, “desc:”, or “d:” to search for cards whose description (rules text) includes the given term.

Searching by attack, health or cost

Use “attack:”, “health:”, or “cost:” to search for cards by their numeric qualities. You can also use other numeric operators to find (for example) cards whose power is greater or less than a certain value. Querying for attack or health will only return cards which are units (followers or champions).

Searching by rarity

Use “rarity:” to search for cards by rarity. The rarity values are “common”, “rare”, “epic”, and “champion”.

Searching by set

Use “set:” or “s:” to search for cards that were released in specific sets.

Advanced queries

You can search for cards which satisfy at least one of many queries by using “or”.

You can search for cards which do not satisfy a certain query by using “-”.

Deck codes

You can also search for deck codes to see a list of cards that are in that deck.