1-36 of 238 cards where the description includes “I'm summoned”

Albus Ferros
Arachnoid Host
Ava Achiever
Avarosan Hearthguard
Avarosan Trapper
Babbling Balladeers
Babbling Bjerg
Back Alley Bar
Back Alley Barkeep
Bandle Gunners
Black Rose Spy
Blighted Ravine
Bomber Twins
Boom Baboon
Brightsteel Formation
Brutal Hunter
Buhru Lookout
Byrd, The Bellringer
Callous Bonecrusher
Camavoran Soldier
Camphor, the Doubt
Captain Farron
Chump Whump
Cithria, Lady of Clouds
Clump of Whumps
Combat Cook
Coral Creatures
Crimson Awakener
Crowd Favorite
Darkbulb Acolyte
Deadbloom Wanderer
Dess & Ada
Disciple of Doran