1-36 of 606 cards where the rarity is common

Absorb Soul
Abyssal Guard
Academy Prodigy
Adept Weaponsmith
Advanced Intel
Affectionate Poro
Aloof Travelers
Alpha Wildclaw
Amateur Aeronaut
Ambitious Cultist
Ancestral Boon
Ancient Preparations
Answered Prayer
Aphelios' Gifts From Beyond
Arachnoid Horror
Arachnoid Sentry
Arena Kingpin
Arena Promoter
Armed Gearhead
Aspiring Chronomancer
Assembly Line
Assistant Librarian
Astral Fox
Astral Protection
Astute Academic
Avarosan Marksman
Avarosan Sentry
Avarosan Trapper
Babbling Balladeers
Babbling Bjerg
Baccai Witherclaw
Back Alley Barkeep