1-36 of 42 cards where the keywords include Last Breath

Amalgamation Of Vile Rites
Avarosan Sentry
Blade Squire
Blue Sentinel
Caustic Cask
Ceaseless Sentry
Commander Ledros
Conductor Of The Mists
Cursed Keeper
Endless Devout
Fallen Reckoner
Fluft of Poros
Grizzled Ranger
Hapless Aristocrat
Hunting Boar
Junk Construct
Legion Grenadier
Lil Dipper
Lonely Chimeslime
Mageseeker Conservator
Mentor of the Stones
Pesky Specter
Pocket Picker
Powder Monkey
Proliferating Darkwraith
Sacrificial Scholar
Sea Scarab
Shackled Ghasts
Shark Chariot
Stinky Whump
Swiftwing Lancer
The Undying