TypeChampion Unit

Origin: The Rune Mage.

When I'm summoned or Round Start: Create 2 Delve Into The Pasts in your deck.

Level Up

I see 3+ unique World Runes.

Flavor Text
Ryze crested the ridge, accompanied by Kayle's silent servant. He looked down on a land scarred by war, and caught sight of the darkin monstrosities warring below. For centuries, he had watched on as humanity veered from one catastrophe to another. What if, he thought, his efforts were futile, and Runeterra was doomed to die?"
Ryze's Realm Warp
The Rune Mage
Shard of Reverence
Shard of Violence
Shard of Betrayal
Delve Into The Past
Shard of Madness
Rune Prison
Shard of Hope