TypeChampion Unit

Origin: Agony's Embrace.

When I'm summoned, summon a random Husk.

Level Up

When I see you or an ally kill an allied Husk, give me its positive keywords this round and I level up.

Flavor Text
The priestess' pupils were blown wide, and her hand trembled with nervous excitement. She was ready. This was the single moment Evelynn craved more than any other. She grinned, and slowly shed her visage. Then, as always, the screaming began.
Breakneck Husk
Stubborn Husk
Warded Husk
Last Caress
Agony's Embrace
Evelynn's Last Caress
Thrashing Husk
Enraged Husk
Haunted Husk
Fading Husk
Hardy Husk
Scattered Husk
Desperate Husk