37-72 of 207 cards where the description includes “draw”

Delve Into The Past
Diana's Pale Cascade
Divergent Paths
Divine Whirlwind
Dragon Allegiant
Dragon Chow
Dragon's Clutch
Drum Solo
Ekko's Called Shot
Elder Dragon's Primordial Roar
Emperor's Guard
Emperor's Prosperity
Entrancing Lure
Eternal Gladiator
Exalted Cloudwinder
Eye of Nagakabouros
Eye Of The Storm
Field Musicians
Fortune Croaker
Fount of Power
Galesong Flock
Gift of the Hearthblood
Glacial Saurian
Glimpse Beyond
Golden Ambassador
Grave Companion
Grave Physician
Guiding Touch
Hatched Egg
Heimerdinger's Progress Day!
Hexcore Foundry
Hexite Crystal
Hextech Anomaly